Safety is the highest core value of Clearwater Air

Since the company’s inception, we have committed at all levels of our organization to ensure that all operations are performed in the safest reasonable manner. We recognize that working safely is a prerequisite to working efficiently and profitably. All employees, from highest management to front-line personnel, are held accountable to support that value.

Safety Management System (SMS)

Clearwater Air has developed an SMS specific to the nature of our operations to actively manage the unique risks that are associated with the types of specialized operations that we perform. Because we believe that our safety management tools should not be proprietary, we have allowed Mitre Corporation, the benchmark organization for SMS development in the US to post our SMS on their website as a model of a fit-for-purpose, internally developed system.

Some of the foundational tenents of our SMS are:

  • Open, non-punitive safety reporting
  • Standardized risk-assessment processes
  • Standardized risk-mitigation procedures
  • Regular safety evaluations performed both internally and externally

Clearwater Air and all of our personnel understand that the reason for our position of prominence within the industry is our ability to accurately identify and mitigate the risks that are possible in the environment in which we operate.

As part of our self-evaluation, we have a safety report form on the website dedicated to identifying potential weaknesses in our safety procedures. We encourage all clients to use the form. All safety concerns are followed through to closure, and all responses are documented and recorded in Clearwater’s permanent safety database.

Safety Manager
Andrew Harcombe
[email protected]